(Next update: 30-01-2024)

I'm presenting here a very powerful and complete searchable database containing all the 27,245 games played in the Spanish League (present LFP or Liga de Fútbol Profesional) from its inception in 1929 to 2023-24 season (in progress). You will be able to make queries about seasons, years, competition days, teams, and scores, either specifically or by combining different fields.

As everywhere in this website, clubs are listed with their full official name. But don't worry: as input for the search box, you can also use plain text (with no accents or especial diacritics), truncated forms (first, middle, or last letters of the team's name), or localized spellings (the common name of the team in English or Spanish), and the database will generate the desired results in most cases. However, due to the large amount of teams and some similarities between their names, the more accurate your search input is, the better.







OPTION 1 (recommended): DATA INPUT
text (check names and spelling of teams here). Broad search (includes change of names).
Fixed order of games
Common name of teams. Narrow search (restricted to fixed order of games).




The use of this database is very easy and intuitive: simply specify or combine the desired data, and the program will generate the list of games that matches those criteria. Remember that you don't have to fill all the fields and also that your query should be logical. Following is a brief introduction and explanation of the different searchable fields:

1) SEASON. Select the first and the last season for the period containing your search. If you only select "season from" or "season to," the search will include, respectively, all the competitions beginning or ending in that year.

2) YEAR. The use of this field is similar to that of SEASON above, and it further specifies the year in which a game was played (remember that a season will normally span over two years).

3) COMPETITION DAY. If you want to refine your search even more, select the competition day you wish to retrieve. If you are looking for a specific stage, you should select the same number in "From" and "To." Additionally, it is also possible to select the promotion games (PROMOCIÓN) played after the regular league in order to decide the divisional changes between Spanish Primera (First League) and Segunda (Second League).

4) MATCH. There are two search options to retrieve games between teams: a) Data input: The search box will accept almost any combination of plain text, truncated forms, or localized spellings, as long as it uniquelly identifies a specific team; by default, the query under this option is reversible, so the match "Team A" vs. "Team B" will generate games "Team A-Team B" (Team A plays home) and "Team B-Team A" (Team A plays away). If you want to restrict the search to "home" or "away" games only, please mark the checkbox "Fixed order of games." Another advantage of this search method is that it generates the full historical record of a team (including its name changes). b) Select menu: The common (unofficial) name of the teams can be selected in this drop down menu; although it's simple, this option can only generate the fixed order of games specified in the search criteria (that is, "Team A" vs. "Team B," but not the corresponding "Team B" vs. "Team A") and doesn't show the name changes of the selected teams.

5) SCORE. This field lists all the scores in Spanish League games. Please, note the following additional abbreviations attached to some scores, which don't alter them in any way: des. (desempate or replay), v.t. (victoria técnica or forfeit), A.L. (Alirón Local, shows the game in which the local team becomes champion), A.V. (Alirón Visitante, shows the game in which the away team becomes champion). [NOTE: Although I can guarantee 100% the accuracy of the scores in the crosstable of every season (which are collated via Excel with the final standings, which in time I checked in other publications), unfortunately I can't do the same with the list of scores in this database, and this is the reason why: the scores are taken from the competition calendar for every season in my League files, which I can only guarantee from season 1996-97 on, when I started to collect and publish ongoing scores in my website. In the case of precedent seasons, I took them from the score page in old issues of Spanish newspapers ("ABC" for the early years and "Marca" after the Civil War), and this is why I can't guarantee that the original source is free of mistypes throughout so many years in the history of the Spanish League. Please, understand this and let me know whenever you find such cases in order to correct them.]

By combining these basic fields, you can make countless queries according to your specific interest. After you complete your query, the resulting match list is displayed in the following ascendent order: 1) by season; 2) by year; 3) by competition day.