Super Cup 1984


[Note: Exceptionally, the Super Cup final between the winners of C1 and C2 in 1984 was played as a single game due to the lack of available dates.]

STADIUM: Stadio Comunale (Torino)

DATE: 16-01-1985 (20:30 h)


REFEREE: Dieter Pauly (FRG)

GOALS: 1-0 (Boniek 39'); 2-0 (Boniek 79')

BOOKED: Hansen (xx’)

[Incidents: The game was played on a frozen pitch due to the snow and extreme cold in Torino.]

Juventus FC - Liverpool FC
Italy 2 - 0 England

Juventus FC (coach: Giovanni Trapattoni)

Luciano Bodini


Luciano Favero

Sergio Brio

Gaetano Scirea (c)

Antonio Cabrini


Marco Tardelli

Massimo Bonini

Massimo Briaschi

Michel Platini


Paolo Rossi

Zbigniew Boniek

Liverpool FC (coach: Joe Fagan)

Bruce Grobbelaar


Phil Neal (c)

Mark Lawrenson (Gary Gillespie 46')

Alan Hansen

Alan Kennedy


Steve Nicol

Kevin MacDonald

Paul Walsh

Ronnie Whelan


John Wark

Ian Rush




(Full team squads corresponding to the entire season within which the Super Cup final is played)

Juventus FC

Liverpool FC


Stefano Tacconi (13-05-1957) ITA

Luciano Bodini (12-02-1954) ITA


Luciano Favero (11-10-1957) ITA

Sergio Brio (19-08-1956) ITA

Gaetano Scirea (25-05-1953) ITA

Antonio Cabrini (8-10-1957) ITA

Stefano Pioli (19-10-1965) ITA

Nicola Caricola (13-02-1963) ITA

Vincenzo Mastrototaro (23-04-1966) ITA


Massimo Bonini (13-10-1959) SMR

Marco Tardelli (24-09-1954) ITA

Michel Platini (21-06-1955) FRA

Zbigniew Boniek (3-03-1956) POL

Claudio Cesare Prandelli (19-08-1957) ITA

Beniamino Vignola (12-06-1959) ITA

Giovanni Koetting (10-03-1962) ITA

Bruno Limido (7-03-1961) ITA

Aldo Dolcetti (23-10-1966) ITA


Massimo Briaschi (12-05-1958) ITA

Paolo Rossi (23-09-1956) ITA

Mauro Deriggi (17-09-1966) ITA

Michele Scola (9-04-1966) ITA

COACH: Giovanni Trapattoni (17-03-1939) ITA


Bruce Grobbelaar (6-10-1957) SAF

Chris Pile (4-04-1967) ENG

Bob Bolder (2-10-1958) ENG


Phil Neal (20-02-1951) ENG

Alan Hansen (13-06-1955) SCO

Mark Lawrenson (2-06-1957) ENG

Jim Beglin (29-07-1963) IRL

Steve Nicol (11-12-1961) SCO

Gary Gillespie (5-07-1960) SCO

Alan Kennedy (31-08-1954) ENG

Phil Thompson (21-01-1954) ENG

John McGregor (5-01-1963) SCO


John Wark (4-08-1957) SCO

Ronnie Whelan (25-09-1961) IRL

Craig Johnston (25-06-1960) SAF

Jan Mølby (4-07-1963) DEN

Sammy Lee (7-02-1959) ENG

Kevin MacDonald (22-11-1960) SCO

Ken DeMange (3-09-1964) IRL

Brian Mooney (2-02-1966) IRL


Kenny Dalglish (4-03-1951) SCO

Paul Walsh (1-10-1962) ENG

Ian Rush (20-10-1961) WAL

Michael Robinson (12-07-1958) ENG

David Hodgson (6-08-1960) ENG

David West (16-11-1964) ENG

COACH: Joe Fagan (12-03-1921) ENG



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