Languages in European Competitions

I define LANGUAGE as a linguistic variety having a unitary and well-fixed grammatical system such as it allows intercommunication among a social group of speakers at a moment in History; namely, I agree with the most extended linguistic trend, "clumping" in nature, that—for the sake of an orderly classification—aim at grouping languages in families with common features, each subdivided in languages proper and dialects, irrespective of their socio-political history (although here "dialect" should not be considered as a "minor language," contrary to popular opinion). According to this criterion, I distinguish the following 42 languages in the listed Web sites of European teams (together with identifying icons, which for the sake of simplicity I assign to the flag of the most representative country where that language is spoken*):

*Although it might be shocking (to say the least) for, let's say, a Belgian seeing the flag from The Netherlands in his country's page, it must be understood that this is just a symbol of the language that is common to some countries, not the national flag in itself. The same applies to Austrians, Swiss, Bosnians, Croats... I apologize if they feel upset about this, but there aren't yet flags for individual languages.

ALB     Albanian [gjuha shqipe]
ARM     Armenian [հայերեն]
AZE     Azerbaijani [azərbaycanca]
BAS     Basque [euskera]
BUL     Bulgarian [бьлгарски]
CAT     Catalan (Catalan proper, Valencian and Balearic) [català]
ZHO     Chinese [中文]
CHE     Czech [český]
DAN     Danish [dansk]
NEE     Dutch (Dutch proper and Flemish) [nederlands]
ING     English
ING     Esperanto
EST     Estonian [eesti keel]
FER     Faroese [føroysk]
FIN     Finnish [suomi]
FRA     French [français]
KAR     Georgian [ქართული]
ALE     German [Deutsch]
GRI     Greek [ελληνική / ρωμαίικα]
HEB     Hebrew [תירבע]
HUN     Hungarian [magyar]
ISL     Icelandic [íslenska]
ITA     Italian [italiano]
JAP     Japanese [日本語]
KAZ     Kazakh [қазақша]
LET     Latvian [latviešu valoda]
LIT     Lithuanian [lietuviškai]
LUX     Luxembourgian [Lëtzebuergesch]
MAK     Macedonian [македонски]
NOR     Norwegian [norsk]
POL     Polish [polski]
POR     Portuguese [português]
RUM     Romanian [româneşte]
RUS     Russian [русский]
YUG     Serbo-Croatian (Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian) [srpski-hrvatski]
EVC     Slovak [slovenčina]
ESL     Slovenian [slovenščina]
ESP     Spanish [español]
SUE     Swedish [svenska]
TUR     Turkish [türkçe]
UCR     Ukrainian [украiнсько]
GAL     Welsh [cymraeg]

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