Intercontinental Cup 1973



[Note: The runner-up of the 1973 European Champions Cup, Juventus FC, replaced the winner (AFC Ajax) in the final of Intercontinental Cup because the Dutch team withdrew alleging fixture congestion (unofficially, the reason for this withdrawal was the fear of injuries in Ajax players, after the one suffered by Johan Cruijff in last edition’s game in Argentina). On the other hand, the traditional two-legged final was arranged as a single game in Italy, as Juventus also refused to make the long journey to South America.]

STADIUM: Stadio Olimpico (Roma)

DATE: 28-11-1973 (16:30 h)


REFEREE: Alfred Delcourt (BEL)

GOALS: 1-0 (Bochini 80')

BOOKED: Pavoni (xx’) / Gentile (xx’)

[Incidents: Midway the first half, Cuccureddu missed a penalty shot.]

CA Independiente - Juventus FC
Argentina 1 - 0 Italy

CA Independiente (coach: Roberto Ferreiro)

Miguel Ángel Santoro (c)


Eduardo Commisso

Miguel Ángel López

Ricardo Pavoni

Pancho Sa


Ricardo Bochini

Rubén Galván

Miguel Ángel Raimondo


Agustín Balbuena

Eduardo Maglioni

Daniel Bertoni (Alejandro Semenewicz 83')

Juventus FC (coach: Čestmír Vycpálek)

Dino Zoff


Luciano Spinosi (Silvio Longobucco 74')

Sandro Salvadore (c)

Claudio Gentile

Francesco Morini


Antonello Cuccureddu

Giampietro Marchetti

Franco Causio


Pietro Anastasi

José Altafini

Roberto Bettega (Fernando Viola 74')




(Full team squads corresponding to the entire season within which the Intercontinental Cup final is played)

CA Independiente

Juventus FC


Miguel Ángel Santoro (27-02-1942) ARG

Carlos Alfredo Gay (20-04-1951) ARG

Esteban Ernesto Pogany (7-10-1954) ARG


Eduardo Antonio Commisso (29-07-1948) ARG

Miguel Ángel López (1-03-1942) ARG

Ricardo Elbio Pavoni Cúneo (8-08-1943) URU

Francisco Pedro Manuel “Pancho” Sa (25-10-1945) ARG

Alejandro Estanislao Semenewicz (1-06-1949) ARG

Luis Garisto Pan (3-12-1945) URU

Carmelo Héctor Giuliano (14-06-1951) ARG

Liva Aramar “Líber” Arispe Recalde (30-09-1945) URU


Miguel Ángel Raimondo (12-12-1943) ARG

Ricardo Enrique Bochini (25-01-1954) ARG

Rubén Galván (7-04-1952) ARG

Dante Mircoli (12-03-1947) ITA

Hugo José Saggioratto (29-01-1952) ARG

Víctor Hugo Palomba (xx-xx-1950) ARG

Raúl Alberto Silva (xxx) ARG

Roberto Capellán (xxx) ARG


Agustín Alberto Balbuena (1-09-1945) ARG

Ricardo Daniel Bertoni (14-03-1955) ARG

Mario Rubén Mendoza (19-01-1949) ARG

Eduardo Andrés Maglioni (14-04-1946) ARG

Miguel Ángel Giachello (12-08-1950) ARG

Manuel Rosendo Magán (xxx) ARG

COACH: Roberto Óscar Ferreiro (25-04-1935) ARG


Dino Zoff (28-02-1942) ITA

Massimo Piloni (21-08-1948) ITA


Luciano Spinosi (9-05-1950) ITA

Francesco Morini (12-08-1944) ITA

Sandro Salvadore (29-11-1939) ITA

Antonello Cuccureddu (4-10-1949) ITA

Silvio Longobucco (5-06-1951) ITA

Giampietro Marchetti (22-10-1948) ITA

Claudio Gentile (27-09-1953) ITA

Giorgio Mastropasqua (13-07-1951) ITA

Alessandro Zagano (3-10-1955) ITA


Franco Causio (1-02-1949) ITA

Fabio Capello (18-06-1946) ITA

Giuseppe Furino (5-07-1946) ITA

Fernando Viola (14-03-1951) ITA

Domenico Maggiora (14-01-1955) ITA


Pietro Anastasi (7-04-1948) ITA

José João Altafini (24-07-1938) BRA

Roberto Bettega (27-12-1950) ITA

Giuliano Musiello (12-01-1954) ITA

Paolo Rossi (23-09-1956) ITA

Pieraldo Nemo (6-01-1955) ITA

COACH: Čestmír Vycpálek (15-05-1921) CZE



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