The UEFA Europa Conference League (C5) was created in the summer of 2021 as the third tier European club competition—after Champions League (C1) and Europa League (C3)—, primarily to alleviate the game load of qualifying rounds in C3, contested by teams from lower-ranked UEFA member associations, and also to ensure that a higher number of UEFA members are represented in the Group Stage of one or more European competitions (C1, C3 and C5). The winner of each edition of Conference League will earn a berth in next season's Europa League.


• Official UEFA scores and statistics extended and corrected with multilingual edition. All the names of teams, players, referees, stadiums, and cities are written in their original spelling (or a standard transcription into Latin characters, in the case of other alphabets). This is the reason why some names may slightly differ in form with respect to other unstandardized information sources.