The late Cup Winners' Cup (C2) was a European tournament that, until its disappearance in 1999, gathered all the domestic Cup winners of those countries associated to UEFA. It was, theoretically, the second continental competition in importance, after Champions League; in practice, however, it was excelled in interest by UEFA Cup, where more powerful teams, in a larger number, competed each year. This may be largely due to the fact that Cup Winners' Cup was the only European competition where teams belonging to minor divisions could participate (on condition they won their national Cup or reached the final). After its merge with UEFA Cup at the beginning of season 1999-2000, Cup Winners' Cup disappeared and all the Cup winners were included in the former tournament.


• Official UEFA scores and statistics extended and corrected with multilingual edition. All the names of teams, players, referees, stadiums, and cities are written in their original spelling (or a standard transcription into Latin characters, in the case of other alphabets). This is the reason why some names may slightly differ in form with respect to other unstandardized information sources.

• In the case of seasons previous to 2001, the main information sources I've used are Euro Cups Online (Miloš Radulović), Spanish newspapers ABC (1902-), El Mundo Deportivo (1941-), Marca (1942-), As (1967-) and data collected by Romeo Ionescu. From 1985 on, when I started collecting my first statistics on paper, then with an Olivetti typewriter and finally using WordPerfect 5.1 for DOS in an IBM computer (sweet old days...), scores and statistics are registered "on real time."