The Spanish Super Cup is a competition created in 1984 by the recently established ACEB (Basketball Clubs Association, modern ACB) in which the League winner faces the Cup winner in a single-game final. During its first four editions (1984-1987), the Super Cup was also known as Federation Cup, as the tournament was jointly organized by the FEB (Spanish Basketball Federation), and it was held in the middle of the regular season. In ACB League 1988-89, the Super Cup was not played for lack of competitive interest, and finally it was officially cancelled at the beginning of the 1989-90 season.

In 2004, almost two decades after its demise, ACB restored this classic tournament and renamed it ACB Super Cup (since 2011 known as Endesa Super Cup for sponsoring reasons). In order to achieve a higher competitive status, it was moved to the ACB pre-season and turned into a typical Final Four stage, including both the ACB League and Spanish Cup winners from the previous season, the host team and the best qualified Spanish club in European competitions.