Eurocup is a competition organized by ULEB (European Basketball Leagues Union) which was created in the summer of 2002 as an alternative tournament for those high level teams not admitted in Euroleague, the top-tier ULEB competition. Although ULEB Cup (its original name) theoretically fills the gap after the disappearance of Saporta Cup and Korać Cup, both tournaments organized by FIBA until 2002, they represent in fact two different basketball concepts: while the access of teams to FIBA competitions depended on their classification in domestic championships, the participants in ULEB tournaments need an invitation from this organism, based on sport as well as economic criteria.

In the summer of 2008, ULEB and FIBA Europe reached an agreement to merge ULEB Cup and FIBA EuroCup in a single competition called Eurocup, which assumed the role of the former ULEB competition reinforced by some FIBA teams, whereas the former FIBA EuroCup was renamed EuroChallenge.


• Official ULEB scores and statistics extended and corrected with multilingual edition.

• Visit the official Eurocup site for a more detailed information on this tournament.