Index of all the participating teams in European club competitions, from their inception in 1958 up to present time. This list can be accessed in two different ways:

1) ACCESS BY CLUBS. Alphabetical list (in raw) of all the teams participating in Eurocups ever since their inception. This index is linked to the individual pages of all countries, with further information on the teams' official names, mergers, changes of name throughout history, participations in Eurocups sorted by years, and links to both official and unofficial club pages.

2) ACCESS BY COUNTRIES. Index of all the nations—both present and extinct—with participating teams in Eurocups. As in the list of teams above, it is possible to access the page of each country, with further information on the participants.


• The names of teams are written in their original spelling (or a standard transcription into Latin characters, in the case of other alphabets). This is the reason why some clubs may slightly differ in form with respect to other unstandardized information sources.