In this site I intend to offer a thorough and accurate information on the football and basketball competitions of the highest level played in Europe (Spanish and European tournaments) and the world (World Cup). Since a full description of all the international competitions is out of my possibilities, I decided to concentrate my efforts on Spain (my home country), UEFA competitions and, of course, the World Cup.

With that purpose, my intention is to combine two of my passions: the compilation of sport scores and data and linguistics. I've felt the need to apply my linguistic knowledge to the standardization of a very imprecise and random sport terminology (names), in which names of teams ad players are "localized" in the different target languages with no respect whatever for their original spelling, out of ignorance or (what's worse) sheer indifference.

But, why transcribing proper names of players and teams in their original language? That's simple, by it's own definition: proper names are not common words that can be translated from one language to another, but fixed labels attached to single individuals. In the European competitions menu I address this subject in detail.

Therefore, I've decided to work on a large football and basketball database (not just a simple data warehouse) in which, besides collecting historical information and statistics, I'll try to use a standardized (i.e. neutral) terminology that can serve as a reference for any fan.

While names of players and teams will be transcribed in their original language, I will use indistinctly Spanish and English for the general composition of my files, depending on the contents and the expected visitors. The enormous amount of information makes almost unfeasible to translate every document into two different languages. In any case, since most of the data are scores and statistics, they will be easily understood.

Finally, I'd like to add that my ultimate intention is not to publish a general website of sport news, with a full coverage and live updates of current competitions, like UEFA, FIBA, Euroleague, sport newspapers... I have neither the means nor the time for that. What I want is to create a historical database with a kind of information you won't usually find in general sport sites, unified and standardized from a linguistic point of view. That way, the information published in Linguasport will gain value in time. My ultimate wish is that all this effort could serve to arouse a higher interest in accurate information and a bigger respect for the different languages, the same we want for our own.